UFC 241: Is Diaz vs Pettis the road that leads to Diaz vs McGregor III?

    UFC Diaz vs Pettis McGregor III

    UFC 241 is all set to feature a returning Nate Diaz go head to head with Anthony Pettis in the co-main event of the show. While Daniel Cormier vs Stipe Micoic II is all set to be the main event, the UFC return of Nate Diaz is causing a HUGE buzz among the fans. Will he still be as good as he once was? Will he still be able to take a beatdown as he used to? We’ll find out soon enough.

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    What is more interesting than Diaz’s next fight is the possibility of Diaz vs McGregor for a third time. Let us take a closer look:

    Will Nate Diaz Win Diaz vs Pettis? What Do The Betting Odds Say?

    Diaz vs Pettis is a match that is split evenly. -115/-115 are the betting odds for both men, meaning that there’s an equal chance for either of the two to win. However, odds usually shift in the favor of one participant at the last moment and it is expected that Diaz will win his first fight back. This means that he might go ahead and challenge Conor McGregor for Diaz vs McGregor III.

    Diaz vs McGregor III

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    McGregor has not made his return to the UFC yet but is expected to be back by late 2019. He has not fought since UFC 229.

    Diaz vs McGregor III To Decide The Final Winner of This Rivalry!

    Diaz vs McGregor Rematch

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    Diaz vs McGregor is a fight that has happened twice in the UFC. Diaz won the first one while McGregor won the second. However, the rematch with McGregor was Diaz’s last fight in the UFC three years ago – but he is now back to face Anthony Pettis. A win here could be quite interesting! Stay tuned.


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