UFC McGregor vs Diaz III

Nate Diaz winning the Diaz vs Pettis match at UFC 241 means that Conor McGregor might just challenge him to face him for the third time – this time to settle the score on who the final winner of this rivalry is. The two men have a long rivalry which they have shared for years now. It will be interesting to see them collide for a third time.

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But first, let us take a closer look at what went down at UFC 241:

What Happened at UFC 241?

At UFC 241 Nate Diaz shut his critics up as he proved that he is still as good as he once used to be. He returned and defeated Anthony Pettis at their Diaz vs Pettis co-main event. Diaz was well in control for almost the entirety of the match and Pettis looked gassed out towards the end of it.

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Diaz won the match after the third round via unanimous decision. While many expected that he would be slower on his return or would have ‘ring rust’, they were all proved wrong by his impressive and dominating display last night.

Is McGregor vs Diaz Next in Line?

McGregor Diaz Rematch
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The bigger question now is – is McGregor going to challenge Diaz? While Nate Diaz has shown interest in facing Jorge Masvidal, the fact is that Conor McGregor is an old rival and the two have had two fights together, each winning one of them – if McGregor does manage to beat Diaz here, this will finally settle their score as to who the better fighter is!