UFC 241 Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis Winning Odds and Preview

    UFC 241 Diaz vs Pettis

    Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis is all set to be the biggest match of UFC 241. While DC vs Miocic is the actual main event, the fact of the matter is – that the return of Nate Diaz is something that the entire UFC community is excited about and people wonder if he is still the same ‘beast’ he used to be back when he was active.

    UFC 241 Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis

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    Let us take a closer look at Diaz vs Pettis and see who has a better chance of winning the match.

    Nate Diaz vs Anthony Pettis: UFC 241 Preview

    Nate Diaz is back in the UFC for his first match since his loss against Conor McGregor at UFC 202 in 2016. Many wonder if Diaz still has the same instincts as he had in the past or is there ring-rust that has taken over.

    UFC 241 Watch Online Live Stream

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    All these answers will be answered at UFC 241 where the two clash. While Diaz is a legend in UFC, one must not forget that Pettis too is quite an active performer and a star. It is going to be a tough one and let us now take a look at what the odds have to say.

    Diaz vs Pettis Winning Odds

    UFC 241 Nate Diaz

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    While the odds in the Diaz vs Pettis match began with both the men being equals at -125 each, it now appears that Diaz has taken a slide and Pettis is the odds-on favorite to win. Pettis is a favorite at -130 while Diaz now stands at +110. It will be interesting to see who wins this one.


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