The finale episode of The Walking Dead season 9 brought a huge twist in the story. The show introduced the possibility of the return of some survivors. Will the fans get to see their most beloved characters again?

Maggie Rhee (Lauren Cohen) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) left the fans stunned when they left the show in the ninth season. But there is a possibility of their return sprang when a faraway community was contacted by Ezekiel (Khary Payton).

The Walking Dead Season 10 spoilers
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Looks like showrunner Angela Kang recently confirmed that it is actually happening.

Kang said clearly that Maggie, Rick and several other characters are still alive. Some characters haven’t got their closure on Rick and will help to lead the story. People are already excited to hear about the possibility of their return.

Further, the show revealed that there is another place where survival is possible. Maggie and Rick maybe somewhere out there in one of these communities All they need is someone to find them and lead them back. This works well with the radio and a perfect opportunity for bringing back the characters in The Walking Dead season 10.

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Kang also slipped a spoiler that Michonne is going to be a major part of the upcoming The Walking Dead season 10. The story may be set on the lines of the comic book. The proposed end for Michonne could be her being reunited with Elodie, her long-lost daughter. We will get to know all about it very soon.

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