The Walking Dead Season 9 has just delivered what the comic book fans have always been waiting for. Episode 15 of season 9 has finally shown head stuck on pikes at the fair. The Walking Dead has killed off 10 characters. So, let’s see who died and what does it mean for The Walking Dead season 9 further.

The Walking Dead Season 9 Episode 15 spoilers

The 15th episode is titled ‘The Calm Before’ starts with a happy event. There is a fair at the Kingdom and the community might be able to survive. But, tragedy strikes when everything seems fine. Isn’t that the rule of TV shows?

Carol, Daryl, Michonne, and Yumiko stumble upon the Whisperers outside the Kingdom. Alpha delivers a message to Daryl. The message states that his friends are to respect the territory of the Whisperers. Alpha warns them not to cross the border. If they fail to do, she and her army will invade their lands. She also informs him that she has marked a border to the North. And the most interesting thing is that she marked that border with the heads of 10 members of the communities.

Who were the victims on the pikes in The Walking Dead Season 9?

According to the comic book, Ezekiel and Rosita were supposed to be dead. But, the survived in the show. Unfortunately, Tammy Rose did not. The other victims are Alek, Addy, DJ, Frankie, Henry, Enid, Highwaymen Ozzy, Rodney and Tara. Now, let’s see which loss will affect the communities the most?

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Will it be Henry?

If we look at it emotionally, Henry’s death could be the hardest death because he was the son of Ezekiel and Carol. They are going to mourn his death along with the other leaders of the Kingdom. His death will be hard on Daryl, Connie and Lydia.

How important is Enid’s death?

Although, Enid has made Hilltop her home, she has ties with people from all the communities. Plus, she was the community’s doctor. So, that is going to be a major loss for all the people. Her death is going to be harder for Alden because they were supposed to make their relationship official.

What about the Highwaymen?

The Highwaymen were defending the roads around the Kingdom. Now, with the leader, Ozzy and two of them dead, the future relations with the Kingdom may be compromised.

Tara’s death

The Kingdom has fallen. But, the future for Hilltop does not look bright either. It has lost their doctor, Enid and a leader, Tara. Alpha hates Hilltop a little more because they had taken in Lydia.

Hilltop has already lost many leaders in The Walking Dead season 9. Initially, it was Maggie who had left with Hershel to join another group. The next one was Jesus, who became the first victim of the Whisperer’s. Tara was one of the most influential leaders of the community. She had made attempts to strengthen the relationships with the leaders of Oceanside and Alexandria. This really makes it a great loss.