It’s been a long time since we have seen the legendary Maggie Rhee, and fans have missed the badass leader ever since her exit from The Walking Dead. But there is a reason to rejoice, as Lauren Cohan, who plays the character, has hinted about her return in TWD season 10.

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The Walking Dead Season 9 showed the gut-wrenching episode that shocked and upset many fans. Fans were extremely shocked to see when Maggie’s abrupt exit from the show was presented nonchalantly as Rick left at the same time.

Cohan speaks about return

The Walking Dead season 10 cast spoilers MaggieSince then, we have been wondering if she will return in The Walking Dead season 10. Cohan has slipped some spoilers now and then about the return of Maggie. She talked about her Whiskey Cavalier to Collider recently, and the subject of The Walking Dead season 10 came up.

Lauren mentioned that she misses the dramatic moments the show offered her, where conditions were always extreme and one wrong move could mean “life or death”. She further added that she is happy to move onto newer avenues. “That’s the beauty of swimming in and out of different arenas of writing,” she said.

Lucky to be part of show, says Lauren

The Walking Dead season 10 spoilerShe hinted the return of Maggie, when she said, “The Maggie story is not finished. It’s still very exciting.” This could certainly mean that she will be coming back in TWD season 10, but we are not sure until official confirmation from the studio is announced. Lauren also mentioned that she feels lucky to be a part of the show.

The final location of Maggie is currently unknown, but a popular spoiler/theory suggests she could be the woman on the radio.

We will just have to wait until the release of The Walking Dead season 10 to find out.