The Last of Us episode 3 is almost upon us. Here’s at what time the show airs and how you can watch the HBO show live stream online legally.

The Last of Us episode 2 debuted on the HBO Max platform last week. The series continues to be spectacular. Patient Zero has been exposed, as has the outbreak site. Ellie says the same lines as in the game. However, it looks like Episode 3 will significantly expand the world we know from the game.

The Last of Us series release date episode 3
The two main characters from The Last of Us series

What is The Last of Us episode 3 plot and watch online?

Here is the trailer for the third episode :

The first two episodes kept a fantastic level and were faithful to the game. The third episode will be a departure from the original.
Bill’s story, played by Nick Offerman, will be expanded.

The story focuses mainly on his relationship with Frank, who was not shown in the game. Most importantly, the third episode will last as long as 85 minutes. Shock huh?
Frank (Bartlett) falls into one of them, and Bill refuses to help him. “If I feed you, every drifter you talk to will come looking for a free lunch. And this isn’t Arby’s,” the survivalist announces, aiming his gun at the stray. Frank notices that Arby’s didn’t offer free lunches either; it was a restaurant.

In the following scenes, Ellie finds a gun in a drawer while Joel warns Bill that they will come for him and Frank sooner or later. “They will come at night, silently and armed,” he says. And indeed it does – we see a brutal confrontation with the military and Bill saying with the last of his strength: “Call Joel.” There are also more scenes of Joel and Ellie’s journey, a disgusting moment where the girl tries to “study” a trapped infected, and a dramatic car escape.

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Where to watch online/offline: You can watch The Last of Us episode 3 on HBO or HBO Max
Time: 9:00 p.m. ET, 6:00 pm PT, 8:00 pm CT
Date: 29th of January
Season: 1
Episode: 3

What is The Last of Us about? What’s the plot?

The Last of Us series release date episode 3
The Last of Us

The plot is based on the events of the first part of the game of the same name. It’s also possible that some plotlines from the sequel will reappear in the series’ first season. Why are we talking about the first season? There are many indications that this will not be a limited series ending after the first part.

The story presented in The Last of Us is intended to complement threads that were not fully explained and exploited in the games.