It has been over a month since the release of Avengers: Endgame and the fans of Marvel Cinematic Universe are looking forward to the fourth phase of the movies. Speculations have already started regarding what to expect in the future.

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Several Marvel movies confirmed

Marvel The Eternals updateMarvel has already confirmed several movies in the next phase. Some of them are Black Panther 2, Dr Strange 2, The Eternals, and Guardians Of The Galaxy 3. Avengers Endgame has worked hard to pave the path for these movies and fans are excited about their release.

One of the most awaited films in Phase 4 is The Eternals as it will introduce a host of new characters and an entirely new plotline. This is certainly an exciting prospect for fans of the MCU because they have not seen the introduction of new characters since the release of Captain Marvel earlier this year.

The Eternals plot and storyline

Marvel The Eternals updateMarvel Comics fans will recognise the identity of The Eternals. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 revealed that Star Lord was one of the offsprings of a God named Ego. The Eternals are a group of people similar to him. In the comics, they have also revealed that the origin of the Infinity stones goes back to one of these creatures named Nezarr.

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Apparently, he also tapped cosmic power to increase his own strength and become an immortal as well as immeasurably powerful.

Marvel is yet to announce a release date for The Eternals. It appears that the production of the film will begin in September this year. So it is not wrong to assume that the film may be released at the end of 2020.