A committed Tesla owner has gone to great measures to assure that he will never again be found without his car keys.

There is nothing worse than frantically searching your home for your car keys, but for Tesla owner Brandon Dalaly, that issue is history.

According to Insider, Dalaly recently revealed the outcomes of a minor physical alteration in which he had his VivoKey Apex chip surgically placed beneath the skin in his hand.

The near-field communication (NFC) chip was wrapped with a biocompatible material before being implanted beneath Dalaly’s skin for $400, according to reports.

He excitedly shared a video of himself successfully unlocking his Tesla by laying his palm on the car on Twitter after the process was finished.

See it below:

Tesla CEO Elon Musk was mentioned in a tweet by Dalaly, who wrote: “Finally decided to take my phone key issues in to my own hands… literally. Tesla key chip implant.”

Amazingly, Dalaly claimed that this is not his first chip insertion in a later interview with the news website Teslarati. Yes, Dalaly also has a tiny chip in his left hand that serves as both a house key and a storage device for his personal data.

“The whole idea was that I would have my house key in my left hand and my car key in my right hand,” he told Teslarati. “And then what’s really cool is when it’s approved, they can wirelessly activate the new chip I just got to do credit card transactions. I can link a credit card to it and I can use it anywhere where there are tap-to-pay terminals.”

He further disclosed that the piercer used a four-gauge needle to place the Telsa chip into his skin while anesthetizing his hand with lidocaine.

However, many Twitter users were very perplexed by the whole situation rather than finding his new implant “awesome.”

One Twitter user commented with a number of queries: “Looks like you have to pretty much rub your hand on the sensor for it to read the chip. How often do you have to lose your keys to make this worthwhile? It’s not that hard to keep track of your keys. What if you get a new car? Or park someplace with valet service? Hurt that hand?”

A second asked: “What will you do when you buy a new Tesla?”

We are “on the dawn” of this technology, and Dalaly emphasizes that it is still “a very niche product,” despite the fact that this type of operation frequently inspires conspiracy theories (*cough* Bill Gates *cough*).