Windows 10 Hack Warning

Windows 10 Hack Warning: How to Save your PC using the Microsoft SSU Update?

Windows 10 users are in another new trouble as a new hack has spread around the world and infecting all

Google Play Store app malware

Protect yourself from Google Play Store app malware that puts 2 billion Android devices at risk

The news of Google Play Store apps infected with dangerous malware has caught many Android users off guard. That means

iPhone Chrome

Apple iPhone users at risk after Chrome for iOS fails

Apple iPhone users are at risk after a security flaw is discovered in Google Chrome on iOS. According to the

iPhone virus malware

Do iPhones get viruses or malwares? Here’s everything you need to know

Apple iPhone and other Apple products are generally safe from the viruses because of their tightly controlled ecosystem. However, there

iPhone Spyware

New iOS malware app puts millions of iPhones at risk for hack

Apple’s iOS is known for the security and privacy it provides to its users. However, a recent exploit in Italy

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