The news of Google Play Store apps infected with dangerous malware has caught many Android users off guard. That means over 2 billion Android devices around the world are at risk. It also reminds us of Judy malware, which was one of the biggest Android malware.

According to reports, this is a Bankbot malware affecting more than 132 applications on Google Play Store. It is quite a matter of concern since Bankbot has a thing for avoiding Google’s security scans, due to which it easily finds a place in the Google Play Store. The worst part is that it steals credentials from banking applications and from other apps such as Facebook.

Google Play Store app malware

We have got you a couple of tips to protect your Android phone from such harmful malware. Here we go:

Get only trustworthy antivirus apps on Google Play Store Apps

Google Play Store app malware

There are so many mobile antiviruses that choosing the one that is trustworthy looks like breaking the Da Vinci Code. Read reviews, research well, and install the one that gives you maximum safety. If most of the reviews are negative and unable to deliver what they are made for, then choose next.

Give permissions to Google Play Store Apps that make sense

You must have noticed those unwanted messages appearing frequently on your apps asking for permissions. We sometimes don’t even read carefully them. Most of the time due to these permissions cybercriminals hack our important information such as bank credentials. So read twice if you ever come across such messages. Take time because your every single click decides the next move of cybercriminals.