More than half of the world population have Android OS in their mobiles. Google Play Store is the heart of those phones, having almost every kind of Application for free. Now Imagine a Malware that specifically attacks Android phones.

The Malware is found in the form of Android Apps on Google Play Store. The last malware was removed with great efforts, but surprisingly it is back. Android phones all over the world are at risk and it’s a headache for Google.

What is Android Malware?

What is Android Malware?

Android Malware is a harmful program which damages a phone’s software. It can cause loss of data, information leakage and system shut down. Malware is basically viruses bundled in a package for a variety of ill-tasks.

Android OS can be highly vulnerable to such Malware, it can corrupt files and change system settings. It can install unwanted Apps, fill up the phone memory and crash the whole system.

Android Malware: New Threats

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The Judy Malware had infected more than 36 million Android users before it was eliminated. Disrupted by Google in 2017, the Chamois Malware is back and has hit around 200 million Androids.

Chamois is advertised as SDK (Software Development Kit) and is installed into popular side apps. Its effects include popup adds and SMS frauds. A new Play Protect Site is developed to counter such Malware.

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More than half of the Apps in the Google Play Store are click-fraud applications. The Malware containing SDK easily spreads from the infected Apps to other software in your phones.

Google Play Store vs Apple App Store

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While Google Play Store provides a wide variety of custom apps, Apple App Store has strict rules and Apps are limited. It is easier to install APKs (Android Package File) on Android device, whereas Apple doesn’t allow installation of Unverified Apps.

Although it sounds that Google Play is flexible, at the same time it brings out a lot of security risks. Apple’s strict policy keeps the devices safe, but Android devices are exposed to a lot of threats.

How to keep your Android Safe?

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Today our lives depend on our phones, and it is our duty to keep the devices safe. We should only install Apps from trusted and verified sources. Google Play Store has provided strict Security Guidelines, which should be properly followed.

Only Anti-Malware software from original sources should be used. Most of the free Apps are fake and contains Malware, hence they should be avoided. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Android Updates and other news.