The iOS vs Android rivalry is over a decade old and continues on in 2019 as well. Smartphone technology has evolved in leaps and bounds over the past decade. 10 years ago – phones were quite different compared to what they are today. The operating systems on which they run on were quite different too.

A number of other mobile Operating Systems came and went, but none of them managed to tap into the kind of prominence that Android and iOS enjoy in the markets. Let us take a closer look at the iOS vs Android rivalry and how the two Operating Systems stand in 2019.

ios vs android features

Android in 2019: Android Q

While the iOS version increments numerically every year, the Android OS goes alphabetically. The latest stable version of Android came out in 2018, which was Android Pie OS (also known as Android P or Android 9.0). Up next from Google will be Android Q.

The first Beta version of Android Q came out last week. This new Android OS is all set to take the iOS vs Android game one step forward. Android Q introduces several new features which were requested for quite some time.

ios vs android iOS 13

Android q features

Among these features is one which allows the users to record from their screens via a native option. Furthermore, sharing has been improved as well. Users may soon be getting a system-wide dark mode in Android Q. Moreover, what further helps Android take a lead in iOS vs Android battle is the fact that Android Q ensures better support for foldable smartphones!

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iOS in 2019: iOS 13


While the first public beta of Android Q is already out, details about iOS 13 continue to be under tight wraps. As of this writing no details about what to expect from this new iOS have been revealed so far. However, a dark mode is expected to be introduced in the iOS as well – this will ensure the iOS continues to stand on equal ground when it comes to iOS vs Android.

The iOS 13 is expected to be announced in summer 2019 and will officially begin to roll out starting September 2019.

Who Wins the iOS vs Android Battle?

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To be honest, declaring a clear-cut winner in the iOS vs Android battle is quite hard. This is because each of these operating systems has its own pros and cons.

Why iOS?

Apple’s iOS offers a smooth and easy-to-use user interface. This is one of its biggest USPs. The iOS is user-friendly even for a first-time user! Furthermore, it offers better privacy and security options when compared to the Android OS.

ios vs android better OS

Why Android?

The Android OS, on the other hand, is somewhat complex and is prone to security loopholes every now and then. This is where iOS has a clear lead in the iOS vs Android battle. However, Google ensures that regular updates and patches are released to make sure no vulnerability goes unchecked.

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Two advantages that Android has over iOS is that firstly, there’s a huge scope for customization in the iOS devices. Furthermore, much larger number of smartphones support the Android OS!