Coronavirus Outbreak

man gets 1.1 million bill after COVID-19 recovery

Man Receives $1.1Million Bill After Being Hospitalized For 62 Days With COVID-19

The exorbitant cost of hospital bills for COVID-19 is giving a panic attack to the patients. They usually find themselves

Woman Outraged After Customer Who’s Not Wearing A Mask Purposely Coughs On Her In Bagel Shop

“Karen” Purposely Coughs On Woman In Store Leaving Her Outraged

Currently, the whole world is battling with the coronavirus pandemic. The contagious disease leaves no option other than social distancing

dashchund coworker

Fedex Guy Takes His Dachshund Doggies On Deliveries With Him After Their Daycare Finishes

FedEx is an American multinational delivery services company. The onset of coronavirus pandemic has caused many services to still. But,

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