We all are well aware that currently, doctors and nurses are the warriors who are battling to eradicate the coronavirus pandemic from the world. And many of them are not even getting time to take proper rest. As the number of coronavirus patients is increasing day by day, the nurses are bound to work harder each day. And, as the National Nurses Week 2020 has begun, there are several restaurants that are offering free food deals to pay a tribute to warriors.

Nurses are working day and night to take care of the patients. And thus, as a tribute, many big food brands have come up with the initiative of providing deals to nurses. We also consider this as the best way to celebrate National Nurses Week 2020. The deals from various restaurants are listed below:

1. Chipotle

The restaurant has begun a 4HEROES campaign. As a part of it, they are providing free burritos to the healthcare workers. However, you will only be able to get this if you sign up for the deal here.

2. Cinnabon

Cinnabon offers free cinnabon rolls on National Nurses Week 2020

They have partnered with the Daisy Foundation to recognize the exceptional work that is being done by nurses. Also, they traditionally offer a free Cinnabon roll to nurses.

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3. Krispy Creme

Not only Dunkin’ but also Krispy Creme is distributing free glazed doughnuts to nurses every Monday during National Nurses Week. All you need to do is show your employer badge at the outlet.

4. Dunkin’

Dunkin' offers free doughnuts on National Nurses Week

We know that you are too excited after seeing Dunkin’ on the list. So, for all the nurses who are a doughnut lover, you can enjoy a free doughnut and a hot or iced coffee from the outlet on Wednesday, May 6.

5. McDonald’s

Now, McDonald’s is on our list for all the burger lovers out there. Apart from the Happy Meal, the restaurant has begun offering a new Thank You meal from April 2020 for all the healthcare workers.

McDonalds' introduces new Thank You meal for healthcare workers

So, the list is a long one. Apart from these, Home Chef, Snickers, Starbucks, and Little Caesar’s Pizza are also offering good deals as gratitude during National Nurses Week 2020. There can be no other good way than this to express our gratitude to the nurses. And thus, we salute all those who have taken this initiative. Also, if you are a nurse, go and grab your deal at your favorite restaurant before it ends!