Swamp Thing Season 2 Release

Swamp Thing is getting more and more controversial ever since it was announced and after its supposed season 2 release cancellation. It was on the DC Universe original shows set in separate earth which also featured the other DC shows as Titans and Doom Patrol.

Earlier, it was said that Swamp Thing will have 13 episodes and a second season. Meanwhile, even before the release of the first episode, it was reported that the makers have canceled the show.

It was revealed by the makers that there won’t be any Swamp Thing season 2. The episode count was also reduced from 13 to 10 and the storyline was crammed. Despite such negative publicity, the first season of Swamp Thing has received positive reviews from the critics. Even the fans are loving it, and Swamp Thing season 2 might happen after all due to their high demands.

Makers to re-think their Decision

Swamp Thing Makers

Swamp Thing was under the production of Warner Brothers studios who usually greenlight every DC comic-book based TV show and movies. Warner Bros Television handled the show production and deemed it too dark for the viewers. Apart from that, various other reasons were involved and the WB heads canceled the show.


James Wan, who has directed several horror movies for WB and also Aquaman was attached as a producer to the Swamp Thing show. Wan is trying his best to save Swamp Thing from cancelation and convincing WB heads to give it another shot. The director and the cast of Swamp Thing also wants a season 2 for their story to continue forward.

Netflix or Amazon Prime to Help

Swamp Thing Season 2 Release Save from Cancellation

Swamp Thing is not the first show that has been canceled due to studio interference. Timeless, The Expanse, Lucifer, etc. all were axed by the production houses citing their own reasons. Luckily, Amazon studios picked up The Expanse and Netflix made another two seasons of Lucifer.



The fans of Swamp Thing are trying to do the same thing. Twitter is being filled with the request to renew Swamp Thing for a Season 2. Hopefully, Netflix or Amazon Prime respond to such fan demands and picks up season 2 of Swamp Thing.