DC Swamp Thing Season 2

DC’s latest TV series Swamp Thing which hasn’t even finished airing all episodes yet has been apparently canceled despite positive reviews.

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Apparently, the order to put a stop came from the top Warner Bros executives, which has made it even more controversial. Here are the few possible reasons for the cancellation of Swamp Thing and the chances it can be revived by Netflix or some other network.

Why is Swamp Thing Season 2 Cancelled?

Swamp Thing Season 2 cancelled

The showrunners and the writers of Swamp Thing recently revealed that they had plans for a three-season story arc. It was not just that, the show could have made a universe of its own and was expected to cross over with Justice League Dark movie. All the hopes were broken when it was announced that Swamp Thing has been canceled and the episode count has been reduced from 13 to 10.

While the producers haven’t officially given a statement about the reason behind the cancellation, there are a few rumors floating around. One of the top reasons reported is that Swamp Thing TV show had a huge budget due to practical effects, and WB felt that it won’t recover the money. There are also speculations that the studio thought that the show is too dark and grim to be liked by the audience. The latest rumor is that Warner Bros is selling DC properties to AT&T, so they didn’t want to spend any more on Swamp Thing.

Can Netflix save it like Lucifer?

Swamp Thing Season 2 Netflix

Since the news of the cancellation, the fans of Swamp Thing are saddened and want the somehow the show to survive. Many of them are messaging Netflix and requesting them to pick up the show for a season 2. Netflix has previously listened to such fan demands and saved Lucifer from cancellation and gave it two more seasons. We hope that Netflix or some other network picks up Swamp Thing for more seasons so that the cast and crew have a better ending.