Swamp Thing release date

DC Universe has been killing it lately with the likes of amazing shows such as Titans and Doom Patrol. The newest addition in the comic book franchise based TV series is DC’s Swamp Thing. It looks like the makers are not afraid of taking any risks and have adopted one of the darkest comic characters.

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Swamp Thing is a scientist who turns into a monster due to some experiment gone wrong. While other superheroes are either good or bad, swamp thing operates in a gray area with horror elements. Here is everything we know about DC’s Swamp Thing TV series.

Swamp Thing Trailer

DC first released a teaser announcement for Swamp Thing a few months back as a DC universe original series. The first official trailer for Swamp Thing was released on May 28, 2019, as DC was asking users to subscribe to their streaming service.

DC’s Swamp Thing stars Abby Arcane as a doctor and an investigator, who goes for a case in Louisiana about a deadly swamp residing virus. Soon, it is discovered that the swamp is now what it seems; it holds supernatural and terrifying secrets. New horrors and deadly chills start emerging from the dark marsh water, and no one is safe in the small town.

Cast and Characters

DC's Swamp Thing trailer premier review next episode

Even though the swamp thing is the titular character of the show, his POV is rarely shown to maintain the horror elements. Most of the characters are residents of the small town, where the swamp thing resides. Everyone’s life is affected when a mysterious swamp shows up connected with a series of murders. Here are the main cast members of DC’s Swamp Thing, along with their character names.

  • Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane
  • Virginia Madsen as Maria Sunderland
  • Andy Bean and Derek Mears as Alec Holland / Swamp Thing
  • Henderson Wade as Matt Cable
  • Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne
  • Jeryl Prescott as Madame Xanadu
  • Will Patton as Avery Sunderland

Swamp Thing Premier

The first episode of DC’s Swamp Thing was premiered on May 31 at the Dc universe streaming service. Swamp Thing starts as a typical horror show, with men rowing boat in unknown dark water. It starts getting violent soon when a strange plant kills two of them, and the remaining succumbs to a mysterious illness.

Rest of the episode deals with solving the murder mystery and the origin of the Swamp Thing at the end. Critics have liked the horror element of the show and given it a 90% RT score.

Total Episodes

DC's Swamp Thing trailer premier review next episode

Earlier it was stated that DC’s Swamp Thing would have a total of 13 episodes as the usual like Titans. But after the production started, the main producers and WB studios were not happy with and decided to cut it short. Since James Wan is the executive producer of the show, he managed to save the show from cancellation. There will be a total of 10 episodes now in the DC’s Swamp Thing original series.

Plot Details

DC's Swamp Thing trailer premier review next episode

The story starts, when Dr. Abby Arcane of CDC comes to the town to treat the disease. She, along with the help of another scientist Alec Holland, begins to investigate the virus. Things start getting messy when an unknown creature murders more people.
In the end, Alec is shown by an assailant, and his body succumbs to the green vines. Alec turns into the Swamp Thing, with a tall mossy body and red eyes. It is reported that the remaining episodes will deal with Alec and the Swamp Thing coming to terms and have a mutual existence. Along with that, the people responsible for cutting the swamp forest will be targeted by the green monster Swamp Thing.

Public Review and Reactions


Fans all over the world are liking DC’s Swamp Thing show for his horror vibes and practical effects. Swamp Thing reminds us of the classic 70’s horror movie. Also, the cast has fantastic chemistry, the future of Swamp Thing looks good, and future episodes will make it more popular.