Swamp Thing Watch Online Season 1 Episode 10 stream

Swamp Thing from the DC Universe is one of the most unique TV series ever created and fans all over the world are loving it. Every Friday, a new episode is released and it’s the final Friday to stream the last episode. Swamp Thing Season 1 Episode 10, which is also the final episode will air in a few hours on August 2, 9 am EST/ 6:30 am PST.

Here are the details about the Swamp Things S01E10 promo preview, storyline, ways to legally stream and much more.


Swamp Thing S01E10 Promo Preview

Swamp Thing Preview

DC Universe has not released a trailer to maintain the suspense for the finale episode and just released a few preview images. The promo description says that Swamp Thing will finally fight back in the last episode. He will go against Ellery and his mercenary team to hunt him down. Meanwhile, Abby will try to help Jason Woodrue as he has saved her life several times. Liz will try to lift the curse of Blue Devil from Dan Cassidy and leave Marais forever.

How to Stream Legally?

Swamp Thing Watch Online Stream Legally

Swamp Thing is one of DC’s original shows along with Titans and Doom Patrols. Every episode of Swamp Thing is available on their streaming service called DC Universe. It is a video-on-demand service which can be used in Apps, Websites, and any of the streaming medium. One can subscribe to DC Universe at $7.99 per month of $74.99 per year to legally stream all episodes including the finale of Swamp Thing.

Finale Ending and Sequel Possibilities

Swamp Thing Watch Online Season 2

Swamp Thing was originally planned for 13 episodes which were then reduced to only 10. It is not clear whether the show will get a definite end or stops on a cliffhanger. As of now, there are very fewer possibilities for a sequel or season 2 of the show. Fans of the show are in full support and trying hard that either it is saved by cancellation or some other network like Netflix picks up the Swamp Things show for a future season.