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Stranger Things Season 3 spoiler: Will Eleven meet her mom again?

Stranger Things Season 3 Netflix

Stranger Things Season 3, a Netflix original saw massive fan support in its first two seasons. We reckon that is exactly why the supernatural horror series has been renewed for another season. The online streaming platform, Netflix recently announced that the third season for Stranger Things is currently in the works. Given the circumstances, fan theories have been on the rise.

Stranger Things Season 3: Eleven meets her mom

Stranger Things Season 3: Eleven will meet her momOne of the most memorable moments of Season 2 was when Eleven met her mother. Eleven had always assumed that her mum was dead. Nevertheless, we all know that she is very much alive. The two met under tragic conditions. It was when Eleven discovered that Terry Ives, her mother, is suffering from amnesia.

Ives now remembers nothing about Eleven, whose real name is Jane. She mutters incoherently in the episode. Fans have to wait to find out what happens in Stranger Things season 3 next because the Duffer brothers chose to end season 2 with a cliffhanger.

The story behind Eleven’s name

Stranger Things Season 3: The secret behind Eleven's nameIt is revealed that Jane has been named after Jane Goodall, an anthropologist in the ’60s. Dr. Brenner is already trying to interfere with the lives of Ives and her husband, Andrew. She suspects that the doctor wants to steal her daughter and study her. Her fears turn out to be true as revealed in season 1.

It will be interesting to note how the two manage their relationship in the upcoming installment. For now, you can watch the first and second season of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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