After its initial blockbuster release in 2016, Stranger Things has only gained more viewers with the second season. With season 3 just around the corner, more and more people’s interest has piqued in the horror drama.

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Before the time for the last season rolls around, there is much you need to know to understand what is going on in the show. Let’s take a trip down memory lane to recall everything we need to keep in mind before binging on the next season.

Time jump and Mind Flayer returns

Stranger Things Season 3

Speculations have suggested that there will be a time jump after the end of season 2. The monster of season 2, the Mind Flayer is also expected to make a comeback in the upcoming in Stranger Things season 3, despite the rumoured time jump.

The new season will have 8 episodes, Netflix revealed in a tweet. This season will also focus more on the storylines and character development, as revealed by Matt Duffer, the creator of the show. He said, “It’s not necessarily going to be a bigger scale, what I am really excited about is giving these characters an interesting journey to go on.”

Next season bigger and darker

stranger things season 3 The 3rd season is also expected to be more scary and intense. Noah Schnapp, who plays Byers, said, “Oh, yeah, the threat is … it’s brutal. It gets worse. It’s very big.” Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, expressed similar sentiments, saying this season will be bigger, darker, and scarier.

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The 3rd installment of Stranger Things airs on Netflix on July 4, 2019.

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