Sting vs Undertaker Match

Sting vs Undertaker is the match we have all been talking about for ages. It is the match that fans had wanted since the late 90s when both these men were giving peak performances in WCW and WWE respectively. However, close to two decades after WCW shutting down and almost 30 years into the deadman’s career, fans are still demanding this match.

Sting vs Undertaker Wrestlemania
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If recent reports are to be believed, Sting is seemingly ready to return to the ring for one last match given that he is offered the right sum.

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Will Sting Return to WWE?

Given that a number of WWE legends such as Bret Hart and DDP (along with the likes of Tommy Dreamer and reportedly even Ric Flair) are close to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), the WWE needs to ensure that they make the most out of active legends and what better to offer to the fans than this dream match.

Sting vs Undertaker Sting Return
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Sting, too, has reportedly expressed his desire to return to the ring for one last time. However, if rumors are to be believed, the Stinger is in this only if he gets a match against the deadman as well as a considerable paycheque!

Will Sting vs Undertaker Ever Happen?

Sting vs Undertaker WWE Match
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Nothing can be said for sure, as we know that there’s no such thing as “never” in the WWE. We got to see The Rock vs Hogan and Cena vs The Rock – and stranger things have happened! HBK returned to the ring last year; even Goldberg had a second run so there’s every chance that we might really get to see Sting vs Undertaker in the near future.