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CM Punk is arguably the biggest name in wrestling who isn’t active in the sport these days. Given that he hit a legendary status WWE during his anti-authority run as the company’s top champion. His exit from WWE was rather unceremonious, however, there are rampant rumours that the former champ will be making a return, but this time it will be for WWE’s biggest modern-day competitor: All Elite Wrestling (AEW).

CM Punk WWE AEW Wrestling

Let us take a closer look if Punk’s return to action is indeed going to happen:

CM Punk Returns to Indies; to Join AEW?

In April 2019, a masked man entered the ring during an MKE Wrestling event at Wisconsin, he hit a GTS and was later confirmed to be Punk himself. It was Punk’s first-ever return to a wrestling ring after his exit from Royal Rumble 2014. He had since tried his hand at Mixed Martial Arts with the UFC but failed to make a mark.

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For years, there were rumors of a Punk return – and it seems that it is finally going to happen in 2019. Given that he has a beef against WWE, there is a good chance that CM Punk will indeed join All Elite Wrestling to take on his former employers.

WWE Hall of Famer X-Pac Confident on Punk Return

WWE Hall X-Pac CM Punk return

Many in the business have been predicting that Punk is going to return to action, sooner rather than later. One of the key names supporting this has been X-Pac, who has said: “Mark my words, Punk is going to show up.”