WWE fans, hold your breaths, you are in for a treat. Undertaker and Goldberg, yes, the WWE legends themselves, are going to square up to each other. This dream match, which will the first and last between the two, will take place at the King Abdullah International Station in Jeddah. So mark your calendars, June 7 is the date!

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WWE Legends: Undertaker vs Goldberg

It is speculated that the two will face off for a new WWE title, that will shortly be announced by WWE legend Mick Foley. The announcement of this new title will be made in New York, where the next RAW takes place.

There are some rumours that Vince McMahon’s recent promotion will lead to him reintroducing the Hardcore Championship. This might be the rebirth of the hardcore style matches from the 90s.

No Disqualification matches were the attraction of this championship and carried on 24/7. The Hardcore Championship has been won by many great WWE wrestlers in the past, like Kurt Angle, Undertaker, Mick Foley and others.

However, Dave Meltzer, publisher of the Wrestling Observation Newsletter suggests otherwise. He says this new title will be called Legends Championship. He adds that this will be a one-off championship and that the only time we will see it is in Saudi Arabia when WWE travels over to the country.

Something like this has been done by WWE before. The time when Braun Strowman won his Royal Rumble comes to mind. Although he agrees that the Hardcore Championship is a plausible idea as well. It will be one of these two, that we can be sure of.

The actual news that the two involved in the fight will be Goldberg and Undertaker came from Cageside Seats, a wrestling fan site.

Undertaker vs Goldberg WWE fight saudi arabia

While speculation carries on regarding the format of the fight, it will undoubtedly be incredible to see these two WWE legends fight each other out!