WWE and Saudi Arabia hold a special bond. WWE’s Saudi Arabia-based events, which happen two times a year – are always a spectacle! Last time we saw The Undertaker teaming up with half-brother Kane to face Triple H and Shawn Michaels (DX). This time, there is a possibility we might get to see The Undertaker vs Kane happening in Saudi Arabia.

Undertaker vs Kane WWE Saudi Arabia
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Let us take a closer look at WWE’s Saudi Arabia event and consider the possibility of an Undertaker vs Kane match happening there.

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Undertaker vs Kane at WWE Saudi Arabia: Is It Happening?

As of this writing, the company is yet to confirm that this match between Undertaker vs Kane is going to happen. However, what is for sure is that The Undertaker will be wrestling in Saudi Arabia. Undertaker made his most recent appearance on the episode of Raw after WrestleMania last week where he beat down Elias.

Undertaker vs Kane WWE Saudi Arabia Event
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Undertaker vs Kane is quite a possibility as both the names are huge in Saudi Arabia and the fans there would love to see the storyline of the two brothers continue. The last time that Undertaker vs Kane officially happened was in 2011!

Undertaker vs Kane: Last Match Ever?

The Undertaker is nearing 55 now and is one of the oldest wrestlers who continue to wrestle for the WWE. Kane, on the other hand, is 51, and is now the mayor of Knox County.

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Undertaker vs Kane WWE Saudi Arabia Event
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Given that both of them are ageing and past their prime, this is perhaps the last time ever that we get to see Undertaker vs Kane happening in a friendly, exhibition match! Stay tuned for more.