South Park is an American animated cartoon created by Trey Parker. The cartoon first aired on 13 August 1997. Since then, 317 episodes of the cartoon have aired on TV. South Park got instant love and attention from the audience. The animated cartoon also received the highest ratings among cable programs.

Fans are enthusiastically waiting for Season 26 of South Park. Here are all the updates about the longest-running TV show.

What is South Park about?

The animated show revolves around the lives of four young boys who live in South Park, Colorado. Known for its dark satire and crude humor, South Park is fun to watch and geared for an adult audience.

South Park Season 26
The animated show revolves around the lives of four young boys who live in South Park, Colorado.

South Parkis inspired by two short films titled The Spirit of Christmas. The films became instantly popular after their release, so Stone and Parker produced a pilot episode of South Park based on them.

South Park features a large cast of recurring characters. In August 2021, the show was renewed for seven seasons. The Paramount + streaming service also announced three films. Multiple publications have listed South Park as one of the greatest TV shows. It has also received numerous awards, including the Peabody and Primetime Emmy Awards. In 2013, South Park got ranked as the 10th Greatest TV Cartoon of All Time by TV Guide.

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Release date of South Park Season 26

South Park Season 26
When will South Park Season 26 release?

As of now, there is no announcement regarding the release date of Season 26. Fans find it frustrating, and figuring out the release date isn’t easy. Earlier, a new season would release around the same time every year. However, due to extra-long specials and films, South Park has been thrown off its schedule. The Pandemic also delayed the release of new seasons of South Park.

What to expect in South Park Season 26?

The South Park boys are going to continue on their adventurous journey. As the boys grow and mature, their interactions with the outside world will change.

South Park always focuses on essential issues, so Season 26 may focus on current social issues. With so much going on worldwide, there is plenty of material for the show to develop.

Cast of South Park Season 26

South Park Season 26
Your favorite characters will return in Season 26.

Most of the main cast members are going to return for Season 26. Fans might also get to see some new faces in the next season. The show has an all-star cast with the most celebrated names in Hollywood.

Stay tuned for more updates on Season 26 of South Park.