Sony PS5 is trying to accomplish a set new of bars for consoling gaming with graphics capabilities. Don’t worry here you will find complete information about releasing, price, specifications. Hideki Yasuda, Sony’s analyst has similar sentiments for prediction of PlayStation 5 that is going to available in November 2020.

Therefore, the superb Sony PS5 is going to have excessive sales performance when compared to older versions of PlayStation.

Sony PS5: Next Generation Technology

In the same way, it’s good news for all game lovers. Yeah! Mark Cerny conveyed details in the previous month. Sony has also revealed a wonderful picture of this gaming device. Therefore, below is brief information about Sony PS5.

  • Identically, completed with a solid-state drive.
  • Likely, first-rate 3D audio.
  • Therefore, the product has ray tracing advanced technology.
  • AMD Third-Generation Ryzen series with an eight-core CPU.
  • Backward Compatibility.
  • Hence, the product is having 8k resolution.
  • Extra highly developed features for next-generation consoling games.
  • Provides High-end SSD storage.
  • Superb data streaming over the current generation.
  • Consequently, it is going to have the best Sony PS Wireless headset.

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Sony Wireless VR Headset

Additionally, you will be happy to know for the launch of VR headset supporting PlayStation. Moreover, the development team is working day and night in successful processing for Sony VR Wireless Headset.

  • Sony VR supports 2,560x 1,440 resolutions.
  • It provides 220- degree field view.
  • Better eye tracking.
  • It has a long battery life and integrated headphones.

The specifications of the headset are too pricey that leads them for some upgrades.

Sony PS 5

Sony PS5 Price

Previously, the price for PlayStation 4 was $399 in 2014. In the year 2016 PS4 reduced at $299. The price of this product is between $399 to $499. Therefore, Sony also continued to sell more than 98 million PlayStation 4 across the globe.