Sony PlayStation 5

It is known that next-gen console Sony PlayStation 5 will ship with significant hardware upgrades. Since the hardware upgrades are based on the technological and market trends, many are wondering about the possible exclusion of support for physical media.

It is a valid concern because digital sales have only risen with time and already beat the physical sales. As I told you earlier, hardware changes are influenced by the market trends, and it could affect the design choices of PlayStation.

Sony PlayStation 5 will support physical media

Even though sales data shows that digital is the way to go many still like to purchase physical disc from the stores.

There are reasons for buying the physical copies, one of which is to the lineup in front of the store and meeting people. Some like to flaunt their extensive library of games while others might not have a reliable internet connection.

PlayStation 5 Disc Support

So if you are one of those people, then you need not worry as it confirmed that PlayStation 5 would support physical media/discs.

When Sony’s PlayStation lead architect sat down with Wired for an interview, he confirmed a lot of details about the upcoming console. He assured that PlayStation 5 would not ditch the support for physical media in favor of rumored download exclusive service.

He also confirmed that PlayStation 5 would also come with backward compatibility which would allow the users to play titles launched for older PlayStations.

Sony sold more than 90 million PS4, and thousands of people brought the physical copies of games for the console. If PlayStation 5 ditches the support of physical media, then backward compatibility will go in vain.

It would take years for full digital support

It is not impossible for complete digital support, but it would take some time for everyone to jump on the digital bandwagon.

Sony PlayStation 5

According to a report by Statista, digital sales had grown from 54 percent in 2013 to 83 percent in 2018.

After this report, you must not worry that your physical library of games would go in waste. As of now, both Microsoft and Sony are looking to support the physical media disc.