Sony PS5 PlayStation 5 Xbox Scarlett comparison specs

While Microsoft has already revealed a few details about the Xbox Scarlett, and leaks of PlayStation 5 are on the web, there is still a lot is to be known about these two next-gen consoles.

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How does the PlayStation 5 fare against Xbox?

Even though Sony has maintained silence about the possible hardware configuration of PlayStation 5, leaks hints that it can go toe to toe with Xbox Scarlett.

A report suggests that the PS5 will feature an eight-core CPU based on the Zen 2 architecture and it will utilize AMD’s next-gen Navi based GPU. It is touted to pack a 2TB SSD that will help the console load the games faster.

Xbox Scarlett

On the other hand, Microsoft’s Scarlett top variant Xbox Anaconda is rumored to pack similar eight-core CPU based on AMD’s Zen architecture. The GPU in the Xbox Anaconda is also a Navi GPU clocked at 12 teraflops. Microsoft’s next-gen console will also utilize an NVMe SSD to reduce the load times for the game.

Many rumors claim that PlayStation 5 will support 8K resolution, but we don’t know if Microsoft is planning something similar for their console.

Looking at the features and specs of the two console are apparent, and they are pretty similar, so cost becomes the deciding factor.

Cost and Features: The deciding factor

Before we go down to pricing, let’s take a look at the features being offered by both the console makers.

According to the reports and patent leaks, Sony has plans to support backward compatibility on the PlayStation 5. This would allow gamers to play games from old gen consoles.

Interestingly, Microsoft announced that they are working on improving Play Anywhere. Play Anywhere allows users to play the game on Windows as well as consoles.


The current leader in the console market is PlayStation 4, mainly due to the performance features it offers at a price.

However, if Sony wants to hold this position for their PlayStation 5, they need to price their console right as rumors suggest that PS5 could get priced above $400.

This could result in poor sales performance for PlayStation 5 as Microsoft is planning to sell the Xbox Scarlett at the price tag of Xbox One.