Xbox Scarlett vs PS5 leaks specs price games

Microsoft recently announced its plans for the next-generation Xbox console during its E3 2019 conference the gadget from the company is expected to be a faster and more graphically advanced than its predecessor. This has resulted in an outbreak of a new console war between two heavyweights, the Sony PS5 and Xbox Scarlett.

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Both the companies say their product is better than the other and is the best of what the market has to offer. The next-gen consoles from the respective brands will make their way in 2020.

Here is everything we know about each gaming machine based on certain official details and leaks, and also how they fair against each other.

Xbox Scarlett vs PS5 Processing Power and Graphical Capabilities

It is evident that both the gaming consoles will be more potent than their predecessors, but the question is by how much?

Both the gaming systems are expected to carry similar internal specs.

Both the PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett are expected to use AMD’s CPU and GUP based on Zen 2 and Navi architecture. The systems will allow up to 120Hz frame rates, at latent 8K resolution support. Both consoles will also support HDMI 2.1 outputs.

Xbox Scarlett and PS5

The next Sony and Microsoft consoles will run on an eight-core AMD CPU, which is built on the 7nano-meter manufacturing process.

As far as PC gaming is concerned, the use of SSD’s has become a standard. Now it seems that both the PS5 and the next Xbox will come with super-fast SSD storage. SSD’s will significantly improve game load time by 40x.

In terms of conventional RAM, only Microsoft has confirmed that Scarlett will utilize GDDR6 RAM(speed unknown)

Xbox Project Scarlett vs PS5: Games

More often than not, the number of games and exclusive titles becomes the deciding factor that will determine which console to pick. Both the gaming systems will come with a huge number of games. The next Xbox will come with Halo Infinite whereas PS5 will come with GTA 6 as a launch game.

Xbox Scarlett and PS5

Xbox Project Scarlett will be backward compatible with all existing Xbox systems so if you have a bunch of games for the Xbox 360 or any other than they’ll work on Project Scarlett.

And the same can be said for Sony’s PS5. The next Sony machine is also backward compatible.

Xbox Project Scarlett vs PS5: Price expectations

It is way too early to speculate regarding the pricing of the next-gen consoles. What is certain is the fact that the specs listed above are not cheap.