The world is full of interesting things. But our everyday lives can make us forget that sometimes. Hiptoro has put together a group of pictures that you probably haven’t seen before to remind you of all the interesting things in the world. But in a wonderful way.

We put in both common and unusual things, like a grain of sand magnified 300 times and a butterfly that’s half male and half female. This will help you see every day in a new way and broaden your view of the world.

Keep scrolling for your daily dose of amazement and don’t forget to leave a comment under the ones that really surprised you.


1. An indoor nursing home having a movie theater and pub in it.

2. Grains Of Sand When Magnified 100 To 300 Times

3. Purely Golden Bee

4. Snail with a crystal-clear shell.

5. Rocks On The Lake Baikal

6. Cat with Sauron’s Eyes

7. Blind Cat Soren

8. A Music Typewriter

9. Transparent butterfly.

10. Sun Through A UV Lens

11. Blue Carpenter Bee

12. Tulips Blooming In The Snow

13. Sea Slug

14. A Curly-Haired Horse

15. House Encased In Ice

16. Assisted Living Facility Made To Look Like A Small 1940s American Town

17. 140 Million Year Old, 500 Kg Dinosaur Femur Discovered In France

18. Naturally-formed shower Inside A Cave

19. A Bilateral Gynandromorph

20. Nasa’s Photo Of Pluto

21. A Very Small Frog

22. A “Split Lobster”

23. Time Lapse Photo Of A Beehive

24. Transparent Fish

25. This Blue Jay Still Has Half Of Its Baby Feathers

26. Giant Sunflower

27. A Rainbow Pool in the woods.

28. A Clutch Of Dinosaur Eggs

29. Fin Whale Vertebrae Beneath The Water Near Kongsfjorden, Norway

30. A Purple Grasshopper

31. Bicolor Sunflower

32. An Albino Buck

33. Blue Java Banana

34. 6 Fingers On Each hand

35. Ex-World Champion Cyclist Janez Brajkovic Leg After A Race

36. Valonia Ventricosa, The Largest Single-Celled Organism On Earth.

37. Translucent Blue Tang

38. Cannabis Field In The Middle Of A Cornfield

39. One Of The Oldest Rocks In Existence, The Murchison Meteorite.

40. Funky Little Ribbon Cloud

41. Those Ain’t Trees

42. Caves In Mexico With Crystals As Big As Trees

43. Frozen Lake Michigan

44. Mutated Daisy

45. A Boy Born Weighing 268 Grams (9.45 Oz) Was Sent Home Healthy After Months In The Neonatal Care Unit In Tokyo. He’s The Smallest Child To Ever Be Born And Survive

46. Ant Face Under Electron Microscope

47. Jupiter Viewed From Its South Pole

48. Nails Stopped And Started Growing Again Between Chemo Cycles

49. Dinosaur Footprints In France

50. Australian Fire Breaks In Action