Some people like the thrill of watching horror films like Paranormal Activity without going into a full-blown breakdown and not being able to sleep for days straight. They sleep like babies, never flinch, and have the guts for the scariest things.

If you are one of them, you must be aware of the two corners of the internet known as the subreddits “Weird” and “Oddly Terrifying”. 2M members enjoy watching all the scary content posted there.

Today, we have a great selection of terrifying photographs that prove a single shot on camera can be worthy of thousands of nightmares. It helps if you roll up in your blanket like a burrito. Enjoy the list at your own risk.


1. A Wet Owl.


2. Sharks Photographed Upside Down.


3. It’s A No For Me.


We reached out to S. Elizabeth, the author of “The Art of the Occult:”. A sourcebook for the modern mystic. She has been interested in scary things since she was 5 years old. “I saw a Dracula on an episode of Scooby-Doo. I’d never even heard of vampires before, let alone seen one, and learning that there were blood-thirsty creatures who hover outside your home, just awaiting an invitation inside so they could poke their fangs through your neck and drink you up like a platelet-flavored Capri Sun scared me so badly that I’ve never been the same since.”

At some point in her childhood, S. Elizabeth realized her fear of monsters from outer space had turned into a fascination. “Whereas I would once hide my face behind a pillow when something scary was happening, I now began to feel the itchy urge to peek.” She grew older. Elizabeth said that her fascination with fearsome things turned into a full-blown obsession. “From literature and film to music and art, from that time forward, I was hungry for all things unearthly and strange, ghastly and ghostly, gruesome and grotesque,” she said.


4. MRI Of A Pregnant Woman.


5. Last Thing A Fish Sees In Antarctica.


S. Elizabeth says that people are afraid of things that were hundreds of years ago. “No doubt they will strike fear into the hearts of future generations. Death and loss and aging, war and sickness and disease. Fear of the unknown!”

She believes that the details change with the times. “Maybe those fears take different shapes, but until we figure out how to stop the aging process and become immortal (like those vampires!), unless we get a handle on our violent human tendencies unless as a people we learn to become more compassionate and empathetic—none of those things are going to change, and those fears will continue to plague us in some form or another.”


6. A Patient With Claustrophobia Panicking During A CT Scan.


7. This Is An Australian Moth, It Can Also Fly.


8. Oh…


S. Elizabeth also explained: “maybe it seems like we’re more scared now than we ever were, what with our smart phones and a million apps with a million social media accounts bombarding us with all of the horrors of the modern world, 24 hours a day. As a lifelong horror enthusiast (and someone who is afraid of a lot of things, like A LOT), I feel that I’m not too far off.”


9. A Picture Of A Bridge With Snow I Took.


10. Bad Idea After All.


11. No Filters. Australia Was Red From Wildfires [2019].


12. What An Uncanny Mannequ- Oh Wait That’s A Person.


13. The girl was unable to feel pain. She doesn’t like to eat or sleep because of her inability to feel hungry.


14. Koala Brains Look Like Top Quality Chicken Breast.


15. Chick Born With The Genetic Defect Polymelia, Causing It To Have 4 Legs.


16. Building A Mountain Road In China.


17. Saturn’s the North Pole Is A Hexagon.


18. SFX Painted On My Hand.


19. Something Tells Me I Should Find Something Else To Eat.


20. Not A Corn.


21. I watched Frozen on the screen after I left my bedroom.


22. Does Anyone Know Anything About This Weird Flyer?


23. Sign On A Cemetery Gate.


24. A fish called a telescopefish. The species can live in depths between 500 and 3000 meters.


25. Out For A Ride.


26. This Abandoned Hospital Had A Visitor Last Night.


27. My Friend Cooked Red Rice But She Put Too Much Water.


28. The Dog’s Name Is Junebug.


29. This Clown “Shower” Is An Absolute Nope.


30. A cable was found at a playground. Nothing happened when I pulled it.