Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie

Samsung released it’s two flagships Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9 last year with the promise of Android Pie update. It delivered by rolling out the latest version of Android, but many users are facing problems due to the update.

Android 9.0 Pie comes with a new interface called One UI and a feature Adaptive Battery. This new feature uses AI to save battery, but instead, the battery life has reduced.

Galaxy S9-Note 9 Android 9.0 Pie Update: What’s new?

Android P One UI

Google released Android “P”, also referred to as Android 9.0 or Pie last year in August. The new features included New Gesture Navigation, Adaptive Battery and Brightness, Slices, Screenshot Shortcut, and a lot more.

One UI was specially developed by Samsung Devices for its Android devices. It is a software suite designed to optimize one-handed use of smartphones with large screens. One UI comes with a new Night Mode and a lot of exciting functions.

Adaptive Battery is the most promising update feature in Android Pie. It uses Artificial Intelligence to learn our phone use pattern. The Apps and Services which we don’t use much aren’t allowed to drain our phone battery.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Android Pie Update Problems

Samsung Note 9 Android P Problems

After the update, a lot of Samsung Galaxy S9/Note 9 are complaining, that instead of saving power, the Android Pie update has reduced their battery life.

The battery life has become worse after the updates, there are connectivity issues, sound issues and phones are lagging a lot. The overall battery life has reduced to half of the total capacity in some cases.

Most of the users are mainly complaining about Battery issues, phones getting discharged in minutes. Also, problems persist while trying to install third-party apps.

Update Issues Resolved?

Samsung S9 Note 9 Android P user reviews

The reasons behind the battery issues are not clear, but it is believed that Adaptive Battery AI takes some time to adjust. Once it has learned our phone use patter, it adapts according to it and battery life is increased.

Several users are suggesting a factory data reset, so Android P can run from zero on your phone and perform better. We advise our readers to avoid that, as it may cause more problems and can result in loss of data.

Samsung has yet to say anything on this matter, but most of the issues are resolved with further updates to Android P. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Android Pie updates and other news.