Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems, Owners Report 'Tap To Wake' Issue That Drains Battery Life

Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched a few weeks back and it took the world by storm. But, it has come with its own set  of problems. Owners of the Galaxy S10 have complained about a battery drain issue caused by the ‘Tap to Wake’ function.

According to multiple reports, the feature gets started automatically and leads to a decrease in the battery life of Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems

Samsung Galaxy S10 ‘Tap to Wake’ problem

Samsung Galaxy S10 ssers are complaining that the ‘Tap to Wake’ feature gets activated automatically when the device is in their pockets or in the bags. These complaints have been spotted by SamMobile. One of the users wrote, “My phone detects inputs from my leg through my pants’ pockets. One time I pulled my phone out of the pocket to find the camera switched on.”

Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems and issues

Many users have also posted on the Samsung Galaxy S10 subreddit.

One user wrote, “I usually keep my device in my pants with the screen towards my leg. The issue I faced was I used to get the vibration notification of ‘fingerprint rejected’ when the phone was in my pocket.” And one more user said that their device starts recording by itself.

What is the solution to the Samsung Galaxy S10 battery drain issue?

Samsung has said that the solution to this battery drain problem on Galaxy S10 is to disable the tap to wake and Always-On display. But, that is just a band-aid solution to this problem. And that too for a flagship device which is very expensive as well.

The Face Unlock Feature

Samsung Galaxy S10 battery issue

Samsung has also advised against using the Face Unlock feature in certain situations. The tech giant has asked its users to use the phone’s new ultrasonic fingerprint reader instead of the Face Unlock for security purposes.

This is not really a big surprise. Because Samsung Galaxy S10’s facial recognition tech is not very tough to trick. And this feature has been tested multiple times.