Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung’s latest smartphone – boasts of an impressive ‘Face Unlock’ feature. All you need to unlock the phone is just look at it and it unlocks. However, how safe is this technology? Is it possible for someone to impersonate you and be able to access the contents of your phone?

Over the years there have been various innovations in the way we unlock our smartphone. While Android has had a face unlock feature for quite some time, iPhone X changed the way this feature was marketed. However, ever since, a number of ‘Facial-Recognition’-focused smartphones were introduced.

However, let us take a closer look at how it is possible to hack the Samsung Galaxy S10 face recognition feature and unlock the phone!

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Recognition Can be Hacked

Shocking as this may sound, it is quite possible to hack the Samsung Galaxy S10 face recognition technology! It doesn’t even require any sort of coding skills or even image manipulation.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Unlock Hacked

However, it has been found out that even if you take a picture of the person whose phone you’re trying to unlock and show it to the phone from some distance, the phone will recognize that and unlock the phone!

You can see a practical instance of that happening in the video below.

How to Secure Your Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 Face Unlock Hacked Fingerprint Scanner
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Among the best ways to secure your Samsung Galaxy S10  is to make use of alternate means of unlocking it. However, you can make use of the under-display fingerprint scanner that the Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts of. Or you could use one of the classic techniques like setting up a PIN or a Password – or drawing up a pattern!

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