Samsung Galaxy S10 flagships are due to launch by late February. As announced by DJ Koh Chief of Samsung Mobile, this series would be having major design changes, exciting colors, and features.

This would be the 10th anniversary of the successful flagship. And due to major design changes, it is expected to have a whopping price rise too.

But this buildup should not raise very high hopes as the main acquaintance is for the Galaxy X. This flagship would be the fold-able one with a 7.3 inch OLED screen.

Release Date of the Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is scheduled to be released on February the 20th 2019 at London and San Francisco. The Samsung Galaxy S10 would be unveiled during the latest Unpacked events.

The date has been fixed as invitations have been sent with a big ’10’ written at the front of it. It will be launched at 7:00 pm GMT at both locations.

Different screen designs were shown earlier by Samsung but which one has been incorporated?
Concept designer envisions what the Galaxy S10 would look. Credits: WCCF Tech

This launch has been scheduled earlier than earlier series as Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S8. Galaxy S9 was released on Feb 25th 2018 and Galaxy S8 was  released on Mar 29 2017.

Samsung always used to launch its phones during the World Mobile Congress until Samsung Galaxy S5. At stores devices for pre-booking would be available by Mar 8 2019.

Range offered by Samsung Galaxy S10

As per the announcement and latest sources have declared that the Galaxy S10 would be having three different model range. The range would be named as ‘Beyond 0’ , ‘Beyond 1’ and ‘Beyond 2’.

The entry level ‘Beyond 0’ will be having a 5.8 inch OLED display with single camera setup for front and the rear.

The ‘Beyond 1’ range would be incorporating 6.2 inch OLED displRAay with single front facing and dual camera setup for rear facing.

Different colors with multiple screen size options available for Samsung S10.
Multiple Samsung Galaxy S10 range would be available. Credits: News Bytes

The ‘Beyond 2’ which would be the most expensive in the series would be having dual front facing and triple camera setup for rear facing. 5G connectivity also an additional feature.

But it is rumored that Samsung would be calling its flagships as Samsung Galaxy S10 lite as their entry level product.

The ‘Beyond 2’ is having a whooping 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of internal storage. This much capability will result in super fast image and video manipulation as well as capturing videos and gaming a pleasure.

This results as processing of high quantities of data coming through 5G connectivity and makes the competition in the market very high.

5G Connectivity over Samsung Galaxy S10

At least one of the Galaxy S10 would be carrying 5G connectivity according to a reliable source. This means it will provide the fastest surfing through web-pages as well as fast switching through apps.

A South Korean Tech firm had announced that it will collaborate with Verizon to introduce 5G smartphones in 2019.

It is rumored that US, UK and China will have 5G services working throughout the state. This would make Samsung at the upper surface of the market.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Specs

The display used in the Galaxy S10 will have a screen resolution of 600 ppi which is 30 more than S9. This means better color quality and clarity would be offered.

The system will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855. This will provide better processing than any chipset existing in market. The S10 will be carrying its own company Exynos chipset.

Samsung system-on-chip that sports a dedicated AI chip would be Exynos 9820. This would be the first time that any device is having different chip-set for processing and AI.

The Exynos chip-set installed in upcoming Samsung series will be the best ever.
Improved efficiency in processing as well as better battery backup because of Exynos 9820. Credits: T3

Samsung has reported that single chip efficiency has increased by 20% and power usage efficiency by 40%. This would provide S10 with better battery life.

Like its existing sibling, a separate chip-set will be installed for storing personal info and bio-metric. This would include facial maps, fingerprint and other personal data at an isolated storage area.

Samsung Galaxy S10 features

After months of leaks and notifications, Samsung did not incorporate the in-screen touch for the S9 nor for the Note 9. But this time it has been confirmed that S10 would be having the in-screen touch.

This technology had been used by other competitors and is a booming feature. The company is working closely with Qualcomm to enhance this in-screen tech. The tech has been able to read finger print through glass using ultrasonic mechanism.

Samsung hs developed a technology of in-screen fingerprint sensing with 3D sensing.
Samsung S10 might have in-screen finger print. Credits: Cnet

This means that if the sensor is using ultrasonic setup then the fingerprint sensing is 3D optimize. That means better efficiency as well as accuracy.

This technology is very different from its competitors. OnePlus and Honor uses a small portion of screen to scan the fingerprint. This makes imaging 2D and as per reviews is quite slow in sensing.

What this 3D sensor will do is, that it would scan the finger print thrice with bright screen resolution just for this purpose. This sensor will have a secondary processor fit in just for this purpose.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera

With Huawei P20 Pro setting up the platform for cameras by including triple lens technology, it is definite that Samsung will respond. Samsung phones have been focused on Camera quality.

According to Max Weinbach, XDA developer tweet,

This means that Samsung Galaxy S10 series will have better picture in-depth quality as well as better low light imaging. It would have better focus, blur-imaging as well as better live focus image.

He also disclosed that two flagships would be carrying two rear camera lens setup and the Galaxy S10 plus would be gifted with triple camera lens setup. But all these would be having ‘Bright Night’ and Portrait capturing features.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Pricing

The price of every S series from Samsung has increased steadily from its earlier siblings. This pattern has been carried by every company to cover business losses as well as to create a hype in the market.

With so many options available in S10 depending upon screen size the prices as quoted by Gizmodo are as follows:

  • Samsung Galaxy S10 “Lite” with 5.8-inch and 128 GB: £669
  • Galaxy S10 with 6.1-inch and 128 GB: £799
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 6.1-inch and 512GB: £999
  • Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4-inch and 128GB: £899
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4-inch and 512GB: £1,099
  • Galaxy S10 Plus 6.4-inch and 1TB: £1,399

Comparing them with the earlier sibling, it is a considerable rise in the entry level flagship. But with much to anticipate and additional features on the S10, the price rise is sensible.

Source: T3 Smarter LivingCnet and Gizmodo

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