Samsung Galaxy Buds review AirPods

Apart from the usual mashup with Apple in the smartphone business, the Korean giant, Samsung, is now eyeing to meddle the wireless headphone segment. Now the company is all set to compete with Apple’s AirPods with the launch of their own set of wireless earbuds the Galaxy Buds.

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As soon as Apple’s AirPods launched back in 2017, The market for wireless earbuds has been fiercely attractive. We saw a lot of brands come up with their own alternative to AirPods for the Android segment, some gained popularity, some failed. The most recent and the most prominent alternative to AirPods comes from Samsung’s Samsung Galaxy Buds.

How do they fare against the hugely popular AirPods? Let’s find out.

Look and Feel

One major ingredient in the successes of any headphone is how comfy they are. do they hold your ear tightly when you were them are some of the concerns and the Samsung buds do justice to these things. they manage to fit securely in your ear without putting any considerable pressure.

Samsung Galaxy Buds review Apple AirPods

The Samsung buds come with rubber wingtips which looks aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The Galaxy buds also feature touch controls, which means you can play/pause your music, and receive and end calls.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds come with Ambient Sound feature, which lets you toggle how much of the outside noise gets filtered from the earbuds. As this thing is a Samsung product you also get the Bixby voice command function. There’s also your usual Google Assistant.

Samsung Galaxy Buds come with Ambient Sound feature

You also get access to the equalizer, the equalizer offers five different presets (Bass boost, Soft, Dynamic, Clear and Treble boost) you can as per your desires and music taste specific and fine-tune the presets. Bluetooth 5.0 is also present for faster connectivity.


Let’s be honest nothing can beat a wired headphone in terms of audio that said the Samsung Galaxy Buds do offer substantial results. The Galaxy Buds aren’t the bassiest earbuds available on the market but they get their job done. There’s also no noise cancellation technology as far as the Galaxy buds are concerned.

Samsung Galaxy Buds review Apple AirPods

You have to keep in mind that you do get the privilege of wireless connectivity in exchange for a slightly less powerful sound.


The Samsung Galaxy Buds gives you six hours worth of battery built into the buds themselves you also get a charging case which will fetch you an additional seven hours of battery life.

The case supplied is free unlike Apple AirPod’s which will cost you extra money.

The Galaxy Bud charging case can be used with a Qi-compatible charging mat, and if you have the Galaxy S10 phone, you can set up a two-way wireless charging station. This thing is a great little feature.

Final Verdict

Should you go for the Galaxy buds or the AirPods well you should ask this to yourself. Both the earbuds have more or less identical specs with plenty of merits and demerits. It’s seemingly best to ask yourself “which ecosystem suits me the best?”

If you own an iDevice like an iPhone or an iPad go get the AirPods. They will suit you better as they can gell with the ecosystem completely.

Likewise, if you consider yourself TeamAndroid or own a Samsung device just pick the Galaxy Buds.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use either model with any smartphone you have– you unquestionably can, its just that things are simplistic with their respective device in the same ecosystem.