Even though Apple owns Beats by Dre after a massive $3 billion deal, the subsidiary company is giving a tough competition. While Apple’s Airpods 2 are not that well received, Powerbeats earbuds are here to make a difference.

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Here we will compare the two wireless earbuds in every aspect and decide which one has an edge. Although the ultimate choice remains to the user, a side by side comparison will definitely help.

Airpods 2 vs Powerbeats Pro: What’s New?

Apple AirPods 2 are the latest updated for original true wireless earbuds called as Apple AirPods. It was the first in line to make the wireless earbud a trend in the sound industry.

Airpods 2 aren’t that much different from the previous version, except the fact that they offer wireless charging. Along with that, there are some new features included such as better connectivity, more battery hours, Hey Siri function and a brand new Apple’s H1 headphone chip.

Since Apple owns Beats, there is not much difference in the Powerbeats Pro make and model. It also contains the same H1 chip, indicating the processing of functions is similar among the two wireless earbuds.

The major difference between the two wireless earpieces is their specific use; while the Apple AirPods 2 are build for casual music listening and phone calls, Powerbeats Pro are specially designed for hardcore work out music needs.

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Airpods 2 vs Powerbeats Pro: Sound Comparison

Apple AirPods 2 are famous for its a powerful sound quality, but sometimes it sounds little rough for higher-frequency sounds. Along with that a low bass has always been a problem for the wireless earbuds in the sound industry.

Powerbeats Pro produces a super sonic sound, even though they are extremely small in size. The real reason behind is the inclusion of linear piston drivers to generate a strong acoustic response. Powerbeats Pro have better bass than the AirPods 2, but we can only decided once its out.

Airpods 2 vs Powerbeats Pro: Price and Release Date

  • Apple AirPods – $159/£159
  • Apple Airpods 2 + Special Charging Case – $199/£199
  • Powerbeats Pro –  $249 / £219

While Apple Airpods 2 are already been out since the last month, Powerbeats Pro are excepted to be launched in May. Stay tuned to Hiptoro for more Apple updates and other news.