iPhone Terms and Conditions iOS Bug

It seems like certain iPhone users are plagued by an iOS App Store bug which is not letting users either buy new apps or download updates for existing apps or games.

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The bug is that wherever users try to download something the terms and conditions dialogue box will never simply go away. The bug affected the ‘Terms & Conditions’ dialogue box to continue to pop up even when users pressed the “Agree” button. Ultimately users were stuck in a loop.

How many individuals are affected is still unknown but many people used social media to express their frustration. Several users complained to Apple support on Twitter.

The bug is present on iOS 12.2(Public release). This issue was not fixated to one place or region, in fact, the bug was seen in iOS user base worldwide.

How do I fix this?

As of writing this article, there’s no fix for this iOS bug just yet. However, for what it is worth, it seems that the company has acknowledged the issue and is currently rolling out a fix for the bug. A server-side fix is being deployed by the company.

Apple stated that users impacted by the bug should see it fixed by the “end of the day.”

Just in case you’re facing some bugs you can report them to Apple support from here