Throw_catissues, a Reddit user, recently posted about a problem she was having with her boyfriend on the AITA subreddit. throw_catissues said that in February, she adopted a kitten.

But as its condition steadily deteriorated over the months, she handed it to a friend’s mother, who was looking for a cat to see if a change of scenery would improve his health. The cat started to get better after it worked.

Two weeks later, throw_catissues’ fiance gave her a new kitten as a surprise to replace the first. She allegedly told him that she had a parrot and might not get along with the kitten, according to throw_catissues, and that she didn’t want the kitten.

Her fiance persuaded her to keep the kitten nonetheless. Throw_catissues claims that her life has been chaotic ever since then.

She claimed that anytime her parrot escapes its cage, the kitten follows it nonstop. She described how the kitten destroyed several of her sculptures, tore up some of her documents, and shredded a ball that belonged to the prior cat.

Throw_catissues reported that she has been advising her fiance to find a new home for the kitten because she can no longer handle it, but he always snaps at her for being so persistent. One time, her fiance became so enraged that he threatened to grab the kitten and abandon it on the street.

Throw_catissues persuaded him not to do it and advised that he take it to a veterinarian instead. If she asks her fiance to put the kitten down, is she being an asshole? asks throw_catissues.

Here’s what the AITA community members had to say on the matter.

Here’s how it started.

Her life has been a mess since the cat arrived. Here’s how Reddit responded.

1. She shouldn’t care for a kitty she doesn’t want.

2. Surprising someone with a pet gift is bad.

3. Her fiancé should take care of the kitten instead.

4. They should rehome the kitten.

5. Gifting someone a pet without their permission is irresponsible.

6. Her fiancé doesn’t want to shoulder the responsibility of owning a kitten.

7. She should break up with him.

8. Her fiancé is an a-hole for getting her kitten without her permission.

9. It’s wrong to surprise someone with a pet.

10. Pet gifts are a bad idea.

11. She should rehome the kitten if her fiancé isn’t willing to take it.

12. What her fiancé did is wrong.

13. Pets are not ideal gift items.

14. She should find a local rescue group to adopt the kitten.

15. Her fiancé sounds like a narcissistic abuser. She should reconsider getting married to him.

16. Her fiancé got her a burden, not a gift.

17. She should surrender the kitten to a vet and end the relationship with her fiancé.

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