We all make mistakes, but have you ever had a conversation with someone at the bathroom post on his side just to discover that they were on the phone? Yikes! Encourage the hilarious accidents of others on the subreddit r/facepalm.


1. The good old Atlanta.


2. This is the worst kind of mistake.


3. It’s a monster-in-law.


4. Well, actually…


5. The irony though.


6. Here’s Guinness on the phone.




8. Thanks, mum!


9. It’s the wrong queen.


10. “Hmmmmmm…”


11. An interesting method to be high.


12. A gentle rain.


13. They’re walking among us.


14. That’s some professional Lotto going on.


15. Good luck…


16. Is it really though?


17. That’s definitely overkilling.


18. The person calls it an eclipse.


19. That’s just awkward.


20. That’s like Hokey Pokey.


21. A full-body pig.


22. It sure is.


23. The reference of the “collages” though.


24. That’s some accidental perfection.


25. Cats will just cat.


26. Some low expectations.


27. Gotta do your research.


28. These pesky iPhones.


29. It’s just Science.