PUBG Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

PUBG game is doing great on Mobile phones and is about to become the top played small screen game. While Fortnite and Apex Legends are still under planning to be released on Mobile, PUBG did it a year ago. The latest competitor of PUBG Mobile is none other than the new Call of Duty mobile game.

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COD makers were smart and added all the new features which fans were wanted in PUBG. It looks like even the former doesn’t want to lose PUBG vs Call of Duty market battle and has launched some new updates. Let us find out what these new updates are and how it had made both games similar.

PUBG Deathmatch mode

Pubg Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

A new PUBG update version 0.13.0 is supposed to bring new changes to the gameplay and add new modes. The battle royale mode of PUBG is amazing, but it is getting boring with time and users want something fresh and new. According to sources, PUBG is about to introduce the new Deathmatch mode in the latest update.

Deathmatch mode in battle royale games allows the players to form two teams of 8 to 10 members and have a team fight. PUBG Deathmatch mode will use the existing locations from Map and there will also be some new weapons introduced. To make it better then COD mode, PUBG Deathmatch will have a first person view or third person view option.

PUBG and COD are now almost Same

Pubg Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

One of the major difference between PUBG and Call of Duty mobile was the number of different gameplay modes. With the latest addition to PUBG, it looks like both the games will now almost feel similar. PUBG already have battle royale mode, Quick Match, Survive Till Dawn and now this Deathmatch makes the number of modes almost same.

Pubg Mobile vs Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty mobile is not that much different from PUBG, both have the same get into the plane, jump at a location and kill enemies till the last man standing type of gameplay. The earlier difference was Call of Duty Mobile has so many different modes, but PUBG has now been updated to the same level. The real winners of the PUBG vs Call of Duty conflict are none other than the gamers.