Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Call of Duty Mobile from Activision games is out in beta phase and is already loved by the general public. Many of them are thinking that COD Mobile is an alternative to PUBG Mobile, which might be true as Tencent develops both.

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The best part of Call of Duty is the different modes other than the regular battle royale for multiplayer groups. COD Mobile has 5 different gameplay modes all taken from the previous Call of Duty games. Let us find out about the difference and then decide which is the best.

Team Deathmatch Mode

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

In Call of Duty Mobile, Team deathmatch is the simplest game mode when two teams want to play against each other. Each side would have 8 to 10 members and the first team to finish the enemy squad or the one to get maximum kills in the time frame, is declared the winner.

Free for all Mode

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Free for all mode in COD Mobile is almost similar to the regular battle royale game mode. There is no team-up, every player can kill other players and the first one to get 20 kills is the winner of the match.

Search and Destroy Mode

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Search and Destroy mode is basically the attack and defensive play in Call of Duty Mobile. One team will attack a base, while the other team will defend, with no respawns possible. There will be bombs provided to attackers to destroy, whereas defenders search them and diffuse in this COD Mobile mode.

Hardpoint Mode

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

Hardpoint mode involves holding on a provided tactical point and kill the enemies entering the region. Call of Duty Mobile has a similar Domination mode; also, the difference being the change in position of the tactical point.

Frontline Mode

Call of Duty Mobile gameplay

The Frontline mode is similar to Deathmatch mode with two teams battling out each other for winning the Call of Duty medal. It has a time limit, in which the team having maximum kills is declared the winner.

Every mode in Call of Duty Mobile is unique and have its own strategy, while also being dependent on the number of players. For teams, Search and Destroy mode is much better, while single players love the free for all mode.