PUBG Mobile is always loved by the gamers for the constant updates and cool new features along with it. The latest update has bought the Royal Pass Season 7 along with a new ranking system. The coolest feature in the new update is the inclusion of a new companion, which is loved by the players.

Let us learn more about PUBG companions and find out where to get them?

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PUBG bird companion

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

The PUBG companion feature is still in the beta test phase; hence, it is possible that not all players might have a companion. PUBG companion is nothing but a bird, which is hatched from a nest when we click over it. The players can control the bird and have an aerial view to do enemy reckon in this PUBG Mobile update.

Best Locations to find a Companion

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

The next big question is where to get that PUBG companion in the big map of the game. It might be possible that you have the companion update, yet you have no idea about it. Here are some of the best locations with a high chance of finding the PUBG companion.

Novorepnoye Hill

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

One of the safest place in PUBG to get the bird companion is the Novorepnoye hilly area. You can easily spot the enemies from here and can have the companion nest without any significant risk.

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Pochinki Church

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

In PUBG, the locations of items keep changing, but the bird’s nest can always be found inside the Pochinki church. It would be a smart tactic for a player to get inside the church from windows so as they can surprise any enemies present.

Georgopol Tower

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

There is a companion bird nest on the top of Georgopol tower in the new PUBG mobile update. A player can climb the tower with the inside steps, and it would be beneficial to move in from the riverside area.

Mylta Power

PUBG Mobile companion location bird pet

A PUBG companion can also be found on the top floor of the big green building situated around Mylta Power. The bird can be quickly hatched without any efforts if you manage to sneak at the top.