PUBG Mobile has been dropped by the tech giant Tencent in China in favor of a new game called Game of Peace. The decision to pull the plug of PUBG Mobile in China has resulted in the severe backlash from their player base.

The PUBG Mobile has been the breakout hit in the mobile game industry. The game raked in more than $320 million for the Tencent last year.

PUBG Mobile has the highest number of players from the South East Asia region. The majority of the players in the SEA region belong to China followed by India.

Why Tencent pulled the plug of PUBG Mobile in China?

The official statement from Tencent is that the testing period for the game has expired. However many people claim that this is not the reason for this decision.

According to a report by the Sensor Tower, Tencent made big bucks from the game but they monetize the game in China.

The reason behind this is that China did not allow the developer to sell any subscription or crates in the game.

PUBG Mobile

More importantly, the Chinese regulator also wants to limit the game time for the players. A number of studies done by the Chinese showed that nearsightedness has been on the rise in the children.

The Chinese government made it clear that they want to regulate a number of online games released in the country. The new regulations are expected to reduce the harmful effects of online games on children.

What is the future of mobile games in China?

The developer Tencent has launched a new game called Game of Peace. The new game is actually a clone of the old PUBG Mobile with less gore and blood.

Game of Peace was launched by Tencent in ChinaGame of Peace is available for downloads on the official Tencent website. For more updates stay tuned to Hiptoro.