PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, or PUBG as it is popularly known, has been taken down by the Chinese government. Instead, a new game has been released that feels quite similar to PUBG.

Facing heavy crackdown

Tencent, the tech company behind PUBG, gathered over 70 million players in the country. They even tried to meet all the rigid rules regarding online games set by the Chinese government. But unfortunately, the game was taken down anyway.

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The company then developed a localized PUBG game with heavy changes in the games aesthetics and reduction in violent content. All of this was done to get approval from the government. However, the in-app transactions still featured war based content, which was regulated by the Chinese government. For a long time now, PUBG had faced crackdown in China.

Chinese authorities have revealed that the crackdown is supposed to “control the number of new online games, explore an age-appropriate reminder system in line with national conditions, and take measures to limit the use time of minors.”

Game for Peace released

Since then a nonviolent replacement of the game has been introduced by the company by the name of Game for Peace. This new version of PUBG honors the Blue Sky Warriors who were a part of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Air Force.

It also has the same gameplay, background, graphic design and characters as PUBG. The company also transferred users in-game stats to Game for Peace from PUBG.