Prison Break Season 6 will probably bring back Alexander Mahone. What role will he get this time? Is it going to be huge and at the all-new prison break’s center?

Mahone’s come back a huge positive for Prison Break Season 6?

Mahone’s character’s development is the best one in the series yet. He began as a good guy of the federal agency which shows that he was once a nemesis to Michael (Wentworth Miller) and Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). Some interesting twists changed everything. So he is likely to return as an ally to the brothers in the sixth season of the series.

Prison Break Season 6: Is Mahone's come back a huge positive for the show?
Credits: TV Line

Creator, Paul Scheuring gave some clues about Mahone’s return in the upcoming season. Paul remarks on a fan’s question regarding the same, he said that there is a fifty-fifty chance. Still, the actor’s return stays a huge mystery. There are chances that he might be the one who takes Lincoln and Michael’s help for escaping the prison.

Mahone’s return isn’t confirmed

We already have some hints that Michael would return to where it all began. So we can assume that he would plan another escape plan at the beginning of the upcoming season. In season 5, Mahone was a complete no-show.


The fans are just grateful that his character makes a comeback on the show. Season 6 was confirmed previous year and the first thing that came to their minds was Mahone. If they will get to see him again, or maybe not?

In Season 4, Mahone visits Michael’s grave after almost four years. However, we already know he is alive. Does Mahone already know about it? We will soon find out about it.