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Prison Break Season 6 episode 1 major plot point spoiled by writer

Prison Break Season 6 episode 1 major plot point spoiled by writer

Prison Break season 6 has been on the books for a long time now. But fans were losing hope when there was no update regarding filming or release date of the show for nearly a year. This was due to the big merger between Fox Studios and Disney.


Now that that is done, the good news is that the show is finally back to filming now, and we can hardly wait for it.

Prison Break Season 6 Episode 1

Prison Break Season 6 Is In Development, Fox Confirms

After the show was confirmed in January last year, Scheuring, the show writer, tweeted saying he had already finished writing the script of the first episode of the season. He said,

“If you must know, I finished the 601 script.”

But that was not all he revealed. A few days later, he returned to Twitter to leak an important plot detail. He said that the first episode of the sixth instalment will see our heroes return to an iconic scene from way back when the show was just getting started.

Michael returns to the tattoo parlour in Prison Break season 1

Prison Break season 6 release date update newsThe pilot of the show opened with Michael getting the prison layout getting tattooed on his body, which he will need to break out his brother Lincoln from the prison. The Prison Break Season 6 Episode 1 will see our hero back to the same tattoo parlour.

Scheuring said,

“We’re going back to the beginning. Literally the very first frames.”

Since the last season ended with Michael retiring for a simple home life with Sarah and their son, it will be interesting to see what is in store for the next season.

Written by Vijay Dubey

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