Prison Break season 6 release date update news

Although the Prison Break season 6 release was confirmed more than a year ago, production doesn’t seem to have taken off, and that is why fans of the show are uncertain about its fate. As a result, we are all worried if the prison drama will actually make a return this year or not.


Why was production delayed for Prison Break season 6?

Prison Break Season 6After announcing the renewal for the sixth installment, there was a year-long silence from the production house. Dominic Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows, posted on Instagram last month, talking to worried fans and saying that filming for Prison Break season 6 is in the works.

But the problem is that nobody knows when filming will actually start, and when the next installment will be released. Purcell said that delay in production is because of the merger between Fox and Disney. The merger happened in March this year, and it was a long and drawn out process, so we understand why the show is being delayed.

Wentworth and Purcell ready

Prison Break season 6 release date update newsSince the terms of the deal between the two giants have been finalized, we are hoping that the shooting for Prison Break season 6 will start again soon. Purcell said on the issue,

“Prison break 6 will happen once the intricacies of the merger are done. Writers are ready. The bosses are ready. Wentworth and myself are ready.”

Fans can expect the show to begin the shooting for next season in 2020.