PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 is going to be the next-gen console of Sony and the lead system architect of PS, Mark Cerny has dropped some information about the hardware under the hood. The info hints that the next console will be stepping to freshly charted territories.

PlayStation 5 and the hardware it packs

Sony PS5

The PlayStation 5 will be powered by a third-gen Ryzen CPU. This CPU has the new 7 nanometers Zen 2 microarchitecture which will provide the performance and power efficiency.

CBS reported that the GPU in PS5 belongs to the Radeon Navi lineup. The PlayStation will also pack a solid state drive which will significantly reduce the load times of games. The PS5 will also boast the Nvidia’s real-time Ray tracing.

Ray tracing is a rendering technique that creates graphical images on the basis of the position of the virtual lighting source.

This powerful hardware will allow the PS5 to support the graphics at 8K resolution. The PlayStation 5 will also feature the 3d audio and the rumored true wireless experience.

PlayStation 5 and Backward Compatibility

Gearnuke reported about a patent leak titled “Simulation of the legacy Bus operation for backward compatibility” which is hinting towards the ability of PS5 to play older games.

Sony PS5

The CPUID and Bus interface will work in harmony to process the emulation of older games on hardware.

This emulation process is rumoured to allow the players to play older titles from the PlayStation 1.

PlayStation 5 Price

According to Mark Cerny, the PlayStation 5 will mirror the advantages and remain competitive in pricing. We expect that Sony is not going to make significant changes in pricing.  Microsoft has already suffered from poor sales pricing after they priced the Xbox One $499.

The reports assume that the price of PS5 will be under the $499 mark.

Playstion 5 Release Date

The next console from Sony will be released in 2020.